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Your Surrey pediatric dentist offers a wide range of services for children. At Southridge Dental we focus on bright, healthy smiles. Our entire dental team at our Surrey, BC dentist office wants to make sure your child’s visit is rewarding and fun. We are happy to see your child for their first dental checkup after they turn 2 years of age!

Surrey Pediatric Dentist Services

Image of group of children that all need comprehensive pediatric dentistry services to learn good oral health skills for life.Our entire kids dentistry team schedules in extra time to earn the trust of both you and your child.

We encourage you and your child to ask questions and are always happy to address any concerns you have as a parent. We offer empathetic oral health education and use simple explanations to answer your child’s questions and reassure them.

If your child is anxious, ask us about our safe sedation dentistry options that could make their appointment more relaxing.

Your Child's First Visit (Age 2+)

Our practice is designed to make your child comfortable and excited to visit the dentist. Kids and teens love to relax and play video games on our X-Box while they wait for their appointment and your child can read a book or watch a movie on our DVD player to help them feel more at ease in our dentist office.

Your child's first dentist appointment with their Surrey pediatric dentist will usually take between 30-60 minutes, depending on your child's age and oral history.

Pediatric Dental Checkups

The Canadian Dental Association advises that children be seen for a checkup every 6 months. These visits allow us to closely monitor new changes in your child’s mouth and ensure that you, as a parent, have the information you need to promote continued oral health in your child.

Our pediatric dental team may suggest additional dental checkups if your child is more susceptible to cavities or if your child is showing signs of orthodontic problems.

Laughing Gas

If your child is anxious, has special needs, or just needs extra help staying calm and comfortable, we may recommend using laughing gas during their appointment.

Laughing gas is a way to help children receive the dental care they need while reducing anxiety or fear. Once the dental treatment is over, the gas will be completely out of their system after just a few minutes.

Teeth-Strengthening Mineral Application

Group of pre-teens like pictured benefit from pediatric dentistry services found at Southridge Dental in Surrey, BC Canada.Dental teeth-strengthening mineral treatments are safe and effective in decreasing the number of cavities in children. We often recommend this treatment along with dental sealants to help protect your child’s teeth.

This teeth-strengthening mineral acts as a shield for the tooth’s outer enamel and can actually reverse early dental decay in some children.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Treatment for cavities in children depends on how severe the decay is as well as each child’s age and risk of future cavities. At Southridge Dental, we typically treat small cavities in children with discreet, effective tooth-colored dental fillings.

Questions About Our Pediatric Dental Services?

Is your child due for a preventive checkup? Call Southridge Dental to schedule their pediatric dental appointment.

At Southridge Dental, we offer comprehensive family dentistry services to keep your smile healthy, confident, and bright.

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