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At Southridge Dental, we are committed to ensuring a high level of care for all of our patients. Our skilled dentists provide exceptional care and utilize the latest dental technology to improve treatment outcomes. As part of our commitment to your oral health, we are pleased to introduce Diagnocat, an AI technology designed to diagnose dental conditions, enhance treatment plans, and improve patient care.

What Is Diagnocat?

Diagnocat is a specialized AI-powered tool that can help your dentist analyze your teeth and assist in treatment planning. This technology was created by dental industry clinicians with the goal of improving the diagnosis of oral conditions. This tool supports dentists with computer-aided treatment plans that lead to greater accuracy.

What Are the Benefits of Using AI Technology for Your Dental Care?

While your dentist has the relevant skills and experience to diagnose and treat a range of dental conditions, Diagnocat is a helpful tool that assists dentists in diagnosis and treatment. As a patient at Southridge Dental Centre, you’ll benefit from expert dentists and the extra level of support that comes from the use of AI tools in dentistry. Diagnocat AI does the following:

  • Reduces the time for diagnosis.
  • Provides fast and accurate reports.
  • Offers improved treatment planning.
  • Enhances the ability to prioritize treatment to improve outcomes.

Diagnocat generates a report so you can view the results of your dental scan while your dentist provides an assessment. These reports clearly identify the problem areas in your mouth along with possible treatment options to resolve them. Your dentist will analyze the report and make recommendations to ensure you receive the best possible treatment for your condition.

How Does Diagnocat Work?

When your dentist takes scans of your teeth, they will feed these scans into the AI tool. Diagnocat can analyze a range of 2D and 3D scans, including CBCT images, panoramic X-rays, bitewings, intraoral X-rays, and periapical radiographs. Using its advanced AI algorithms, Diagnocat can highlight problem areas in your mouth and provide detailed reports for your dentist, along with a suggested treatment plan.

How Many Oral Conditions Can Be Detected by Diagnocat?

Diagnocat is capable of analyzing over 65 dental conditions commonly found in the mouth and provides a detailed analysis of each tooth and any associated conditions. One of the main benefits of using this dental AI software to analyze dental images, is that it delivers a comprehensive diagnosis within minutes. Conditions the AI software can detect include:

  • Periapical lesions
  • Periodontal bone loss
  • Signs of dental decay
  • Open margins
  • Overhangs
  • Tooth impactions
  • Any defects of previous endodontic treatment

How Can Diagnocat Help with Your Dental Treatment?

Guidance with a Tooth Extraction

Diagnocat can help your dentist prepare for your dental treatment. For example, it provides essential information to your dentist when planning a dental extraction. This helps increase the safety and efficiency of the procedure, providing a favourable outcome for the patient.

Early Detection of Dental Caries

Interproximal dental caries (also known as dental decay) are not always easy to detect. This type of decay is located between the teeth and can affect more than one tooth at a time.

Diagnocat can assist your dentist in detecting interproximal decay at the very early stages by assessing bitewing scans. This early diagnosis means that treatment can be performed promptly, reducing the risk of further complications and the need for more intensive treatment.

Implant Treatment Planning

Your dentist must select the correct implant size and positioning in the jawbone to ensure a successful implant treatment. By assessing your intraoral scans, Diagnocat is a useful tool for planning your implant treatment and choosing the optimal position to fit the dental implant. It can also create a virtual design of the template for guided implant surgery.

Provide Information for Root Canal Treatments

Tooth infections can be very painful and affect the integrity of your tooth. While traditional imaging provides insights into the extent of damage to the dental pulp, Diagnocat offers a more in-depth analysis to improve the outcomes of your root canal treatment.

How Accurate is AI in Dentistry?

Diagnocat AI has undergone intensive testing and is used in over 30 countries worldwide. The company’s dentists and radiologists who developed the software constantly draw on new information from clinicians around the globe to improve the software and increase its capabilities to improve your oral health care.

Is AI Technology Used in All Dental Practices?

This groundbreaking technology is fairly new in the field of dentistry, and we are excited to offer it as an integral service to our patients. You will still receive the same personalized care you are used to when you visit your dentist, but with an added layer of technology to enhance patient care.

Discover the Benefits of AI Technology at Southridge Dental

We are excited to welcome you back to our practice to experience the power of Diagnocat AI. If you have questions about this new technology, feel free to ask our dentist about how Diagnocat can benefit you.

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