How much is Invisalign©?

Low Invisalign cost makes it an attractive option

Once people have chosen Invisalign as their preferred option for easy-to-care-for, invisible teeth straightening, our patients here in Surrey usually have one more question:

“What does Invisalign cost”

That’s the good news. Invisalign is actually an affordable tooth-straightening option.  Invisalign costs about the same as traditional, ugly metal braces, or less traditional and only slightly less-ugly ceramic braces.

We’ve brought the price of Invisalign in Surrey down to typically between $4,000 and $6,000. This compares favourably with the costs of all other methods of straightening and spacing your teeth.


Fast Fact:
Invisalign costs no more than traditional metal braces.


Note that your initial consultation to determine what you need is free. That’s right, we will not charge for that initial consultation. We will not charge for the X-rays needed to determine what you need. We will prepare a treatment plan, which will include a timeline and all cost considerations.


What affects Invisalign cost

Yes, that is a wide price range. How much Invisalign costs you will depend directly on a number of factors.

Complexity of misalignment

Invisalign Cost

Not all dental jobs are the same. The cost depends in large part on the nature of your misalignment.

When Invisalign is placed in your mouth, they might have a very small gap to bridge or a very large gap.

You might have just a couple overcrowded teeth, or your whole array might need spacing out.

Your teeth might be mostly aligned or there might be several teeth out of alignment.

One tooth might be far out of the row, or it might be just a little out of alignment.

Length of Invisalign treatment

Invisalign treatment could take as little as six months to correct something simple. But often, treatment lasts 12-18 months (usually faster than with metal braces), especially when more than one tooth is involved or when a tooth is well out of alignment. Occasionally, it could take longer. The cost of Invisalign depends primarily on how long it takes to correct your orthodontic condition.

Much of that time depends on the complexity of the job. But it could also simply depend on you. Your jaw, your gums, your teeth – they are you own, and no two people are the same. Some move easier than others, and some move easier in one direction than in another.

Either way, the length of treatment will impact how much Invisalign costs you.

You get to look normal throughout your teeth-straightening process, with no visible braces. And it won’t cost you any more. It’s a win-win situation for your teeth and your wallet.

The price becomes even more affordable when considering the capable hands that will be working on your teeth. Dr. San Bhatha and Dr. Aman Dhaliwal are two of the most skilled and gentle dentists in Surrey, indeed in all of Metro Vancouver.

Fast Fact:
Dr. San Bhatha is a Gold Plus Invisalign Provider! You get the very best-trained, highest skilled Invisalign dentist at no extra cost.

Insurance Coverage

Invisalign costs vary from province to province, and so do the insurance options. Here in Surrey, B.C. provincial health coverage does not cover teeth realignment. Therefore, you would have to look at your supplemental insurance to see if it covers at least part of your Invisalign cost.

Your supplemental dental insurance or supplemental health care insurance could cover your treatment or at least part of it. If you have a health care savings account to draw on, there is a good chance that you will be able to claim much of the Invisalign cost back. In such cases, we can usually bill your insurance company directly, and you won’t have to worry about paying any part covered by insurance. You will be responsible for paying us only for the percentage of treatment costs not covered by your dental insurance.

If necessary, talk to us about a payment plan. We will do our best to align the billings to your cash flow as smoothly as we align your teeth with each other. This often means paying for the treatment in monthly instalments over the length of the treatment. We use PayBright, an external partner to manage payment plans to pay over time.

You can pay for treatment by credit card or debit card.

How much is Invisalign?

The bottom line is that Invisalign costs less that you would think. With dental insurance and payment plans as options, correcting misalignment of your teeth is more affordable than ever. Your teeth will move quickly, painlessly and with precision, without the unsightly view of metal braces wired across your face.

If you have any questions, call us today. The call is free and so is the initial consultation. We are your Surrey Invisalign specialists, ready to help straighten and re-align your teeth.

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